About me

I was born in Tadcaster, grew up in Yorkshire and studied science at Cambridge University. Family life coupled with the challenges of working in the voluntary sector meant I had very little time for artistic creativity for many years. In 2006 my employer decided to fund a years adult education evening classes for all employees and I opted for a beginners drawing & painting class with my husband Colin & haven't looked back.

Printmaking has always fascinated me but it wasn't until I tried it for myself that I could really understand how it works. In 2008 I explored etching and collagraph printmaking techniques under the tutelage of Peter Wray & Judy Collins at their Handprint Studio near York. I then used the printing studio facilities of Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller where I explored relief printing using linocut.

Colin bought me an etching press for my 50th birthday which allowed me to set up my own studio space giving me the freedom to have fun, make mistakes and develop my own printmaking techniques. Peter & Judy told me never to bin anything I wasn't happy with but to put it on one side for at least six months & reassess and I've found they were very wise! They also encouraged me to make the initial approach to the Pyramid Gallery in York which was the start of exhibiting my work.

Injuring my right arm in 2013 by over-enthusiastic gardening made life very difficult & I was unable to use my press for several months. Determined not to totally give in on the art front I enrolled on a painting & drawing course to explore what I could do with my left hand with surprising results. Not being able to function normally for so long totally changed my approach to art and gave me a new freedom to explore and not just focus on traditional printmaking.

I draw inspiration from the patterns, textures, shapes and colours observed in daily life and a lot of my work is also an expression of my spirituality.

Through my art I hope to celebrate the beauty of this world but also to acknowledge the challenges we all face living on a planet of finite resources.